September 2017 the Hoburg Research Group is now the Convex Engineering Group. Visit that site for up-to-date information; this one is an archive of the HRG site as of 2017.

The goal of our research is more reliable and efficient ways to design engineering systems. To accomplish this, we draw heavily on mathematical tools from convex optimization. One product of our group’s work is GPkit, a software package for geometric programming.

Another product of our work is the the Jungle Hawk Owl, a 5-day endurance UAV designed with GPkit. Below you can watch its first flight; more details are available in the MIT News article, posts on this site, and the code used for its design.

Recent posts

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The Jungle Hawk Owl has first flight! | Berk Ozturk, 15 May 2017
GPkit v0.5.0 released | Warren Hoburg, 03 Dec 2016
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Future X-Plane | Berk Ozturk, 05 Aug 2016


2017-05-25: Congratulations to Martin York on submitting his Master's thesis on Turbofan Engine Sizing and Tradeoff Analysis via Signomial Programming.

2017-05-25: Congratulations to Cody Karcher on submitting his Master's thesis on A Heuristic for Including Black Box Analysis Tools into a Geometric Programming Formulation.

2016-12-29: Congratulations to Martin York on being named United States Air Force Cadet of the year.

2016-03-29: Congratulations to Mike Burton on winning an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

2016-01-31: Congratulations to Philippe Kirschen and the rest of the MIT team on winning the SpaceX Hyperloop design competition.