Future X-Plane

NASA is currently studying several X-plane concepts as a part of its Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program. The Hoburg Research Group is excited to collaborate with Aurora Flight Sciences on the Aurora D8, which is one of the five aircraft that have received six-month contracts to demonstrate ‘green aviation’ technology ‘intended to dramatically reduce fuel use, emissions and noise’. (Please see more about the NASA commercial transport X-planes at the NASA website.)

Within the lab, myself, Martin York, and Bjarni Kristinsson are working on the formulation of Prof. Mark Drela’s Transport Aircraft System OPTimization framework (TASOPT) in GP. We are building on the tube-and-wing aircraft design models developed by Philippe Kirschen, who recently graduated with his Master’s from the HRG. Currently, aircraft component models exist in isolation, and can be optimized for different missions in parallel. By the end of Fall 2016, we aim to have a fully integrated aircraft design program modeled after TASOPT. This will allow us rapidly analyse the sensitivities of the double-bubble configuration to operational requirements, and extend the breadth and fidelity of TASOPT models.