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GPkit is a Python package for defining and manipulating geometric programming (GP) models.

2015-03-12 GPkit v0.5.0 released
2016-07-10 GPkit v0.4.2 released

D8 Double Bubble



The D8 is a commercial aircraft configuration conceived by Prof. Mark Drela that is believed to enable dramatic fuel efficiency benefits. Although the benefits are well-studied for specific cases like a single-aisle replacement, relatively little is known about how the configuration benefit changes across a wide range of aircraft sizes. We are converting commercial aircraft sizing models from Drela’s Transport Aircraft System Optimization (TASOPT) and other sources to Signomial Programming compatible forms, to enable rapid design space exploration and sensitivity analysis.

2017-05-20 SP-compatible TASOPT completed
2016-08-05 Future X-Plane

Jungle Hawk Owl



As part of the 16.82 Flight Vehicle Engineering Capstone course at MIT, GPkit is being used for design optimization of a long-endurance, medium altitude unmanned aircraft, whose mission is to provide communications coverage to areas affected by natural disasters or other scenarios.

2017-05-15 JHO has first flight!