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GPkit is a Python package for defining and manipulating geometric programming (GP) models.

2015-03-12 GPkit v0.5.0 released
2016-07-10 GPkit v0.4.2 released

SP Aircraft



SPaircraft is a signomial programming compatible transonic aircraft conceptual design optimization tool. It is of similar level of fidelity as TASOPT, and can perform the single- and multi-mission optimization of different configurations of aircraft. The most notable of these are conventional tube-and-wing aircraft, and the D8 double bubble aircraft, which promises dramatic fuel burn benefits over the conventional configuration.

2017-05-20 SP-compatible TASOPT completed
2016-08-05 Future X-Plane

Jungle Hawk Owl



As part of the 16.82 Flight Vehicle Engineering Capstone course at MIT, GPkit is being used for design optimization of a long-endurance, medium altitude unmanned aircraft, whose mission is to provide communications coverage to areas affected by natural disasters or other scenarios.

2017-05-15 JHO has first flight!